Thank you HumanKIND

Lori Mabardi

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A colleague and friend of mine emailed a group of us and asked "what are you thankful for?"

I had trouble writing my email back. I just teared up and was flooded with all sorts of feelings!!

Just two years ago, the kids at Sandy Hook were taken away. Like 9/11, that tragedy really shook me up and tuned me into a vibration where I live a little more sad and a little more scared... Sad as a mom, and scared of the unknown and the unexpected...  Daily, we hear heart wrenching news... and sometimes it gets to be quite heavy and quite a lot to process... Just this week, how many moms and dads are totally trying to piece together enough strength to survive the next 5 minutes in Pakistan...  

All those feelings make me cherish the little things...  I'm thankful for the moment my little ones give me a hug in the morning. I'm thankful for the moment I hand my husband his coffee to take along in the car. I'm thankful for the call to my family while I'm driving to the post office, for the hot tea I can drink while I work or the text message from an old friend. I'm thankful for all those little, tiny, simple but precious moments...

But what makes me feel truly better is when I take a minute to think about the GOOD I see in the world!  When I do get overwhelmed, I can quickly think of organizations, people, small and large businesses that each, in their own way, mobilize behind a cause or a person or an issue.  Together we make big differences and even the smallest act can affect big change.  So the spirit of giving keeps me hopeful and thankful...  So thank you ALL good peeps out there. Thank you for being soldiers of hope and joy.  Thank you for staying strong.  Thank you for even the smallest act of kindness.  Thank you for being humankind.

I wish you peace, love and joy this holiday season.

May your life be a long string of little (and big) precious moments. And may we appreciate, find hope, and relish in the sweetness of the small things, because in the end, they aren't small afterall... 
Happy Holidays,