Surviving Toddler Phase Epiphany #2 - Grab this at bedtime, you won't be sorry

Lori Mabardi Connor

Monday, January 12, 2015

YES. They are already wayyy behind bed time and I want to say "GO.TO.BED!!!" but in that last minute, once they are snuggled and finally ready to rest, I realize that something happens...  A moment presents itself, my kids open up. They are ready to share, chat, and be in the moment with me. And I have a choice. I can rush and run out and go tend to my list of things to do, or I can stop.

Stop rushing. Stop going. Stop thinking.

Be still.

It's right there in front of me - one of life's sweetest gifts - a heart to heart with my kiddo.

No matter how small the moment - grab it.  

"I wish I was 6..."
"Why isn't 5 pretty cool?"
"Yeah... I get to be the boss of my little brother..."
 "Yes, I'm not sure how long that will last... "

Because maybe in those little moments, we are planting seeds... Maybe those little moments grow into bigger moments when our kids are in their teens.  Maybe this is one way of telling our kids they can say whatever they need to say even if it's not on our schedule...

Maybe these few minutes are in fact some of the most important in my whole day...

Let me know what sweet moments you stumble on right before your kiddos go to sleep.

In the mean time, be well super mamas! And please send me your parenting epiphanies!!!