How do I bring balance into my life? Maybe a little birdie can tell me... or 4

Lori Mabardi Connor

Friday, March 06, 2015

What is "Balance" anyways??? and why don't I have it?  Maybe a little bird can tell me...

Is it that place where you get it all done and still have time to get your eyebrows done?
Or where you have time to shave BOTH legs in the morning?
Where you aren't yelling at your kids to get in the car?
Where you are fulfilled in work but are not owned by it?
Where you feel on your game because you got veggies into your kids?
Where you got your holiday cards done and you can still get 8 hours of sleep?

It has been YEARS. I've tried to find balance, be balanced, have work/life balance. It's exhausting! In this unending hunt to find this nebulous concept of "balance", something hit me recently - maybe I'm looking outside for the answer (the organizational tool, the notebook, the lists, the tips, the app). Maybe I need to look on the inside... MAYBE, just MAYBE it means striking harmony between Body, Mind, Soul and Heart...

And like that, this weekend, I told my husband he needed to make dinner because I was running to a craft store. (Thanks sweetie, that was mean Chicken/Broc/Ziti!!)

I created my balance birds!!! 4 birds and a bird bath.

My Balance Birds

My Body Bird - (Blue) Have I been good to my body? Have I eaten well? Exercised? Slept enough?
My Mind Bird - ( Brown) Did I do a great job on a project? Help a colleague? Feel good about accomplishments? Going in a direction I want?
My Heart Bird - (Red) My relationships... With my kids, my spouse, my family, and friends. Am  I cultivating relationships? Am I telling people I love them? Am I present to my children and handling those stressful situations with grace?

My Heart Bird

My Soul Bird - (Yellow) Am I doing things that feed my soul? Blogging, taking a road trip with my kids, supporting a cause that is dear to me, checking in with an old friend...

I will see how I do. Every night, before I go to bed, I take a minute to reflect on each area of my life. I look at my birds and feed those that I feel I nourished throughout the day.

Let's see which bird takes flight. Hopefully balance means they take flight together.

If you think balance birds might help you, let your creative juices flow and go with it - and report back!! I'm happy to help as well!

In the mean time, be well Super Mamas!